Report: Spurs’ Coyote wins Mascot of the Year

You help a team win a championship, you’re going to have a leg up for individual awards, that’s just the way it works.

And in a season in which The Raptor - who is now the Jerry Sloan of the award - was in absentia for a long time, the field was ripe for a new champion to swoop in as Mascot of the Year.

For the first time in the 10-year history of the award, Coyote, the San Antonio Spurs bulgy-eyed avatar, has been named the league’s top mascot.

Among the highlights in Coyote’s season were a very creepy videobomb, continuing his set without eyes, and a whole lot more, as shown in this promotional video from the Spurs.

Last season, Clutch of the Houston Rockets became the second two-time winner of the award (along with Jazz Bear of the Utah Jazz), and this marks the fourth consecutive season a Western Conference team has won the award.

Kawhi Leonard - The Revenge - Finals MVP 2014 - [6:24]


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